I love designing homes and being part of the process from the outset of a project, with the enthusiasm and joy for an idea, to the very last minute when the beds are made up and the flowers placed in water. This process can take as long as four years or as little as five months depending on the project, the client and the extent of the work. But generally, each one of the jobs will span 18 months to two years. My two longest-running projects each spanned four years, from the process of planning to the point where the bespoke furniture was placed and the housekeepers briefed. For the past 15 years, I have been hugely privileged to work with dedicated contractors, makers and artists to create tailored homes for people, who essentially have to take a leap of faith in me, my ideas and abilities to bring it all together and pull it all off. Through all of it, the ultimate success of a project lies in the client relationship as well as the manner in which each one is guided through the ups and downs of the process as a whole. This website gives a snapshot of the work I have undertaken, but it also includes an edited look at some of the bespoke furniture required for these homes, from re-fashioned old upholstered pieces to furniture made from oak, metal, Perspex and other delicious materials. SSS